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5 Dangers of DIY Car Repair

We rely heavily on our vehicles to get us around, so it only makes sense that eventually certain parts on them will need to be repaired or replaced. Taking your vehicle to a mechanic may seem very costly for even the simplest job, so you think to yourself it’s just one little part that you can easily buy yourself and change it out in your driveway over the weekend. Is it really that simple though? Can you just change out the part without causing damage to your vehicle? Mechanics have gone through apprenticeships for years so they know how to properly fix cars, and trying to repair it yourself could be dangerous. Here are the top 5 dangerous of attempting DIY car repair.

You could make things worse

What seems like a very simple, straight forward repair according to the internet may in fact not be that simple. You start with taking one part off, following the online directions and before you know it you’re 5 hours in and haven’t even really started fixing it. It may seem like a quick fix, but when you attempt to do it yourself when you aren’t a mechanic you really could make a small problem worse, and end up paying even more to a mechanic.

You could hurt yourself

Your vehicle has some electric components attached to a battery. If you start working on a certain area and don’t disconnect everything properly you could end up electrocuting yourself. Further, the engine bay has very little room to move around without taking out major components and you could easily twist your hand and get it stuck in there. Mechanics are experts and know the best way to approach all kinds of repairs so let them handle it.

Your could void a warranty

If your car is relatively new and still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, doing a car repair yourself that should be done by a mechanic could void any kind of warranty you have on the vehicle. Most warranties will require proof you kept your vehicle maintained and receipts to show where it was done, so even if the work was done but it was a DIY project the manufacturer may not cover certain parts and you could end up paying a lot out of pocket to fix issues down the road.

You could drop the car

Some repairs require the work to be done from underneath the car, and mechanic shops will have big hoists to put the vehicle up on. At home, in your drive way, you likely don’t have those kinds of tools so you’d be using a regular jack. If you jack up the car improperly you run the risk of the car being unstable and therefore unsupported. If this happens the car could drop and break through the underside of the car, damaging it and it could crush someone if they are underneath it.

You could get sick

If you are working away on your car in your garage, and you turn your vehicle on you could be subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning especially if the garage doesn’t have proper ventilation.

If you have a vehicle that needs some maintenance or repair work, and you’ve either started it yourself and realized you can’t complete it or you know you can’t before you even start, then you can call a tow truck. A tow truck can take your vehicle from your driveway to the mechanic shop of your choice, so that it can be repaired.

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