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5 Fun things to do in Etobicoke

Are you ready to discover one of the pure crowning jewels of Ontario? This place is none other than Etobicoke – a beautiful sprawling district which was once a farming community. Now, modernism has taken its root and transformed Etobicoke into a fine collection of villages, homes, and special recreation spots.

If you want to make the best out of your vacation in Etobicoke, you should try out these fine activities:

Appreciate Nature At Its Finest

 Do you love nature and the gentle breeze of wind dashing in your face? Then you won’t be disappointed with what Etobicoke has to offer. The district has numerous parks where you can stretch your feet and enjoy nature without limits.

The Humber Bay Parks are the most popular options. They are located along the shores of Lake Ontario, and they boast a serene view of the Toronto skyline. If you’re planning to visit Humber Bay, make sure that you have your camera! The spectacular views must be captured and shared among your friends. You should also check out the lovely Humber River Arch Bridge and the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat.

Humber Bay Park East is located in 100 Humber Bay Park Rd W, Toronto, while the Butterfly Habitat is located on the park’s northern shore, near Marine Paradise Drive Road.

Humber Bay Park Etobicoke Ontario

Golf or Swimming? Your Choice!

 Golfing is a fun and peaceful activity that will improve your physique at the same time. Well, if you’re a real golf lover or a pro player, you should head out to Centennial Park Golf Centre. This golf facility boasts a 27-hole golf course along with interesting amenities and packages for everyone.

Not into golfing? Take a dive, then! Explore the summer pools of Mimico Memorial Park and other splash locations all over Etobicoke. Between these pool areas and key locations, you can even find restaurants and places to rest.

You may visit the Centennial Golf Centre at 550 Centennial Park Blvd, Etobicoke. Also, Mimico Memorial Park is located on 75 Hillside Avenue, Etobicoke.

Discover Artisans & Vendors

 Looking for delicious foods and novelty items to buy? Come one, come all – Etobicoke has the finest things in Ontario! Dr. Flea’s Market is the top market location that you should visit since it has spaces for over 400 vendors and artisans. Pick your favorite foods and bring home the best gifts for your peers!

Stonegate Farmers Market is another delicate choice for Etobicoke tourists. It has the finest selection of organic products like cheese, choice meats, breads, and preserved delicacies.

Prepare your wallet and visit Dr. Flea’s Flea Market at 8 Westmore Dr, Etobicoke. Stonegate Farmer’s Market is situated on the parking lot of 194 Park Lawn Rd, Etobicoke.

Explore Etobicoke History

Your vacation won’t be complete if you can’t spend a few moments exploring Etobicoke’s vibrant history. The Village of Murals is the best place to learn Etobicoke history because of its diverse collection of murals and art. Through these murals, you will learn about the growth of Etobicoke – from a humble community of hardworking individuals to a thriving tourist destination.

The Village of Murals, also known as Islington, is located on 5048 Dundas St W, Etobicoke.

Get Ready for Festivals

Festivals are great activities that will help you blow off steam. Beaumont Kitchen’s Burger Fest should top your list if you’re a burger lover. It will run from September 3-27 – a variably long period that you shouldn’t miss. Other notable festivals are The Taste of Kingsway, Etobicoke Centennial Choir Rehearsal, and the 2nd Annual Toni Yo-Yo Fun Run.

Important addresses to note:

  • Beaumont Kitchen – 25 The West Mall Y101, Etobicoke
  • Toni Yo-Yo Route – Princess Anne Park (70 Princes Anne Crescent)
  • Taste of Kingsway – Kingsway Neighborhood, Toronto
  • Centennial Choir Rehearsal – Humber Valley United Church (75 Anglesey Blvd)


Cyber Games Galore

If you have the knack for cyber games, you should visit eZone. This is a premier e-gaming destination which features laser tag games, virtual golf, cosmic arcade, and whirly ball. The place is also packed with great food and live music. Neat and awesome, right?

The exciting eZone is located on 120 N Queen St, Etobicoke. Visit it today!


Do you feel the excitement rushing in your veins? Etobicoke is the best place to be, but your experience will be 10x better if you bring your friends along. And once you’re in Etobicoke, just enjoy every moment!

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