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5 Reasons a Semi-Truck Would Need Roadside Assistance

When we see big trucks driving down the highway, we don’t often imagine that they would break down and need roadside assistance at any time. It seems like they can just keep going because they’re always on the road. Sometimes, though, they do breakdown and need help to get back on the road again. Here are the top 5 reasons a semi might need roadside assistance from a tow truck to get them back on the road again.

Flat Tire

Just because these big trucks have more wheels than your typical vehicle doesn’t mean they never get a flat tire, and when they do it’s not as easy to change out as on a regular vehicle. Most drivers, when they get a flat tire, can use a jack and simply prop up their car or truck to change out the tire but when you have a huge truck, filled to capacity you can’t just use a normal jack. Sometimes, depending on the location, a flat or blown tire on a semi might mean it needs to be towed to the right location to fix it.


A semi truck’s battery will still wear out or even die just like any other vehicle battery, so sometimes the truck cab will need a boost to get it going again. In specific circumstances, the battery itself may need to be replaced and it’s a much bigger battery than your typical vehicle. A service vehicle may be able to bring this out to the driver, too, depending on location.


We all forget or misplace our keys – it happens! Semi truck drivers are no exception, and sometimes they lock their keys in the cab of the truck. Since they typically have a schedule to follow and need to deliver on time, they can’t really wait around and need help getting into their truck now. Tow truck drivers are equipped to help with almost any vehicle lock out and they can get you back into you vehicle.

Fuel Delivery

Sometimes you might think you have enough gas to get to the next gas station, but you don’t have quite enough. With semi trucks, they are out on the highway usually and there’s a bigger distance between rest stops to fill up on fuel. It could also be the case of a fuel indicator that isn’t quite right and needs to be fixed – either way, roadside assistance can provide semi truck drivers with fuel when they are stranded on the side of the highway. The tow or service truck will typically bring the driver enough gas to get to the next stop so that they can fill up there.  

Collision Tow

Accidents and collisions happen with all kinds of vehicles, including semi trucks. From a small fender bender to the bigger collisions, semi trucks will need help after being in an accident. There are specialized tow trucks available to remove the big cab and trailer from the road when it’s been in an accident. Tow truck drivers have the experience to make sure they safely remove the truck from harms way as soon as possible, and deliver it to be fixed.

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