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Annual Events in Etobicoke

Attending small events in Etobicoke is a nice way to amplify your Canadian vacation. But do you want to take it further? Then you should check out the annual events held in Etobicoke! Since they’re held on an annual basis, you can expect that the organizers will do their best to make the events as dazzling as possible.

Here are some of the annual Etobicoke events that you mustn’t miss:

 Relish: The Foodie Event

 If you’re a true ‘foodie,’ then you can never go wrong with Etobicoke’s Relish: The Foodie Event. On this event, you will encounter popular food trucks like Delight Bite, Dogg Shoppe, Get Your Own Taters, and many more! You shouldn’t go to this event if your stomach is super full because there will be lots of foods.

The event will take place at the Cloverdale Mall (250 The East Mall, Toronto). Take note that the food trucks will be stationed at the mall’s parking lot.


Taste of the Kingsway

Kingsway is a remarkably affluent neighborhood that welcomes everyone who wants to know more about the history of Etobicoke. The best way to experience Kingsway is to attend the annual Taste of the Kingsway event. The event will let you explore delicious international cuisines, live entertainment, and fresh organic food. It’s a culinary experience that’s worth a shot.

The address of the event is Bloor Street West, Toronto. Taste of the Kingsway is totally free for all ages.

St. Paul the Apostle Annual Walk-a-Thon

Joining the community for a walk-a-thon and solemn prayer is a fulfilling thing to do. You will get to meet new people and you might even learn more about the spiritual devotion of Etobicoke.

The walk-a-thon will be held at St. Paul the Apostle Church. The address is 2182 Kipling Avenue, Toronto. You don’t have to worry about fees – it’s free for everyone.

Stonegate Farmer’s Market Square Dance

Ah, square dancing! This is a nice pastime that’s slowly being forgotten by the new generation. Well, Stonegate Farmer’s Market will make the pastime live by running square dancing sessions for lively seniors. Watch as they tap the right beats and make the day as fun as it can be. Perhaps you can even join them as they dance away!

The square dancing event will take place in Christ Church St. James Anglican Church. The exact address is 194 Parklawn Rd, Toronto.

Annual Toni Yo-Yo Fun Run for Kids

Do you want to attend a fun run that will warm your heart? Then you should prepare for the Annual Toni Yo-Yo Fun Run for Kids. This event is dedicated for a child with special needs named Antonio. He is also the son of Andrea – mother of three and the brains behind the fun run. The proceeds of the fun run will be used for the progressive development of the Silver Creek Pre-School.

You can pre-register using the Toni Yo-Yo website. Afterwards, you should visit the starting location of the run: Princess Anne Park. The park’s address is 70 Princess Anne Crescent, Etobicoke.

Final Reminders

These annual events are just some of the reasons why you’d keep coming back to Etobicoke. Every now and then, the town launches multiple events that keep attracting people regularly. It can be overwhelming at first! Just prioritize the events that resonate with your personality. This way, you don’t have to spend too much time making a choice. And once you’re ready to go with an event, enjoy every moment!

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