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Best Auto Mechanic Shops In Etobicoke

Owning our own car is a dream that many of us have been dreaming about since we were teenagers and finally when it did come true we tend to do everything in our power to keep the automobile intact. No matter what, we always lookout for the best. Either hand-me-downs or our first own car, the feeling is similar throughout.

So, for one of the best things in your life, you only deserve the best maintenance. We have tried to solve all your worries related to your vehicle through this article as we bring to you the best auto mechanic shops in Etobicoke. No more worrying about reliability and whatnot as we guide you through some of the best places to get your vehicle checked out.

Did You Know?

Windshield wipers were actually built by a woman named Mary Anderson. What can’t a woman do?! It was the year 1903 when Anderson was visiting New York City and noticed how a person had to get one arm out of the window and clean the windshield with a squeegee. Even after receiving a patent, auto companies wouldn’t buy her product dismissing it as having no commercial value. But after her patent ran out in 1920, automobiles were seen sporting these wipers. They now come in various shapes and sizes, even heated for icy conditions. So next time you’re out in your car while it’s pouring rain, you have Mary Anderson to thank for.

Expert Mechanix

 Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Expert Mechanix is truly the expert that you should go for. Trained professionally in their field, they will leave no stones unturned while taking the absolute best care of your vehicle. No need to look any further after you find a highly experienced repair shop which has been operated by the CEO for  30 years now. They even provide a 90-day guarantee for their services. How amazing is that?!

They have been working with so many cars ranging from Asian, European to domestic that they pride themselves in being able to handle any car and providing services like oil change and an overhaul. They make sure that they get to the root of your problems and fix only that instead of the excessive cost those other shops charge you for services that your vehicle doesn’t even need. They only use branded parts that guarantee to provide you with a warrant but if you are looking for second-hand parts, they have them too. Depending on your budget, they will customize the best package for you.


Address- 727 Kipling Avenue, Etobicoke Ontario, M8Z 5G4


Precision Auto 

This place is a bit further away from Etobicoke but if you are looking for a place that cares for your vehicle the way you do, Precision auto is the place to be. It provides various services for your car starting from a platinum two-stage painting service that looks after your scratched-up car and turns it into a new one. It includes anything that you want to get done like priming and block-sanding as well as any finishing of your choice ranging from acrylic, urethane or metallic. To give a platinum touch, they always use SprayBakes dust-free paint.

They look after any sort of collision repair that your car might be in the need of. From changing damaged parts to restoring blemishes, they maintain the integrity of your car with their amazing service. Their service team is as honest as they come and are experts in their field. And the best part is that they will provide you free-of-cost service for a year which will be warranted by their craftsmanship and vehicle parts.


Address- 60 Green Lane, Unit 5 & 6. Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7P560 Green Lane, Unit 5 & 6. Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7P5

Ludex Auto Service

The next in line is Ludex Auto Service. If you are residing in Etobicoke and are looking for a trustworthy auto repair shop, Ludex Auto Service is the place to be. With amazing reviews online, you will understand why it is a crowd favourite. This place isn’t a part of a big chain but is owned and operated independently. It has its expertise in various fields that include all mechanical and electronic repairs in any vehicle be it domestic cars or imports from Europe and Asia.

Founded in 1995, the shop has been in business for a long time. It has been the source of great relief for the neighborhood and can be yours too! Lou Z, who is the owner of this place, is a very educated person himself. He graduated from the University of Warsaw Engineering Department where he completed his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. What started as a one-man shop turned out to include a family of 5 certified mechanics, all experts in their fields. Do check out this locally owned service place for all your vehicular troubles!


Address- 11 Towns Road Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1A2

Napa Autopro

Just 41kms from Etobicoke, Napa AutoPro- North Keele Truck would be another incredible find for us in the arena of locally owned independent business. The pandemic has dampened all our plans for almost 2 years now. It’s getting frightening to come in contact with strangers about who’s sanitization, we aren’t quite sure of. But this place rests your worries in peace as they guarantee that social distancing, temperature checks, regular sanitization etc are being maintained to prevent the growth of Covid-19. They have also updated their services to include In-person visits as well as virtual consultations. Looks like we found the perfect place for all of you concerned about getting your vehicle repaired during the pandemic.

Being in the auto repair business for 56+ years did come in handy with the experiences that they gained. They provide certified professionals in your service and offer customized solutions depending upon your vehicular needs. Their staff maintains eco-friendly conditions and is very environmentally aware. Keeping up with the pandemic, they now also offer curbside pick-ups to ease your problems. They provide a variety of services that include electric car repairs, hybrid car repairs, engine repair, diesel engine repair, battery services, suspension as well as brake services. They specialize in the pickup and delivery services that might be needed for any heavy or light-duty vehicles after it’s GTA repairs and maintenance is done. They also provide metal fabrication along with hydraulic lift gates repairs. They can also look after the repairs and installations in your truck. Not only that, but they also excel in computerized and electrical diagnosis wherever required.


Address- 3915 Keele Street, Downsview, On M3J 1N6

Islington Village Automotive

The last one in our list of best auto repair shops in Etobicoke is Islington Village Automotive and honestly, the list wouldn’t be complete without it. This special place has been there since the year 1982 and still pulling it off with their wonderful services as you will read ahead. It was started off as Egner Enterprises at first by the founder John Egner but soon transformed into what we today know as Islington Village Automotive. It provides the same services that it did before like auto repairs and other car maintenance services that the people of Etobicoke know and love. The current owner of the shop is Dave Gopie but he has since upped the ante with his affordable price ranges. People who trust him in fact consider him the best that Toronto has to offer!

The best affordable service provided by an expert technician- we think you might have found your place. Whether you are in need of a simple oil change or tire rotation or you need brake services and E-tests on your vehicle, we look after it all. Other services that this repair shop provides include- general car repairs, suspension services, brake services, general car maintenance, emission testing etc. Do take a look at Toronto’s best choice for Auto Repair and Car Maintenance service.

Address- 79 Shorncliffe Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5K3, Canada


No matter what, it is a known fact that we only look for the best for special things that we own, car maintenance being at the top. Hopefully, the list that we have provided above after intensive research will help you out with the issues that you might have been facing and all in just your own locality in Etobicoke!


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