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5 Famous People from Etobicoke

Enjoying the sights and sounds of Etobicoke is a great way to bring your vacation to a whole new level. But as you reflect deeply about the beauty of this town, you should turn your attention towards the people who made Etobicoke extra special.

No need to research – this article will show you a preview of some of the most famous people from Etobicoke.

Joey Votto

As the first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, Joey Votto can definitely hold his place and reputation. But instead of showing off, Joey Votto worked hard and eventually became a six-time MLB all-star player. His batting average is exceptional and his training honed his skills continuously. If you’re a big Canadian baseball fan, you should check out Etobicoke specialty stores. Who knows? Maybe you can pick up some cool items from Joey Votto himself!

Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor

Known as the Vine superstar, King Bach has enchanted many people with his antics, wit, and smart humor. King Bach has also appeared in various films like Fifty Shades of Black, Meet the Blacks, and Where’s The Money. Even though King Bach seems exuberant in his Vine videos, he has a calm personality which can make anyone feel at ease. This will probably make you wonder if people from Etobicoke are really born for the path of simple success!

Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane was a frontman for the popular band known as Red Rider. With his passion for music, he eventually launched a solo career and managed to win eight Juno awards. Because of his musical prowess and contribution, Tom Cochrane became a member of the Canadian Hall of fame – a feat that not anyone can achieve. Aside from music, Tom loves to play golf and hockey. So, once you’re set out for Etobicoke, try to visit the places where Tom played his music before. Perhaps you can make new friends who also love Tom’s music!

Kiefer Sutherland

Do you know Kiefer Sutherland? If you do, then you have a fine taste for action-packed television series and movies. Popularly known as Jack Bauer from the series 24, Kiefer Sutherland is considered as one of the rising stars of Hollywood. Right now, he plays the role of President Kirkman in the political thriller series Designated Survivor. Even though Sutherland’s career is all set to grow continuously, one shouldn’t forget the fact that he hailed from Etobicoke.

J.S. Woodsworth

People who inspire and initiate social change should be considered as real heroes. James Shaver Woodsworth is one of these ‘change-seekers.’ He was a pioneer of the Canadian social democratic movement. He was active in the ministry and spent as much as twenty years helping the poor. J.S. Woodsworth was their voice in the community, and his efforts influenced the precepts of the Canadian social policy. That’s a real champion of Etobicoke at work!


Now that you’re aware of the famous people from Etobicoke, then maybe you might get inspired to visit the town. And why wouldn’t you be? Etobicoke has the best selection of parks, recreation centers, and local markets. You will definitely have a great time!

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