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Repair Service

If it’s been cold lately, or maybe you accidentally left your lights on when you ran into the store, you might find that your car is struggling to start or perhaps won’t start at all. Perhaps tied with finding out you have a flat tire, there is nothing more frustrating then a car that won’t start. Winter time in Canada will show the true age of your battery, especially if you think it might be getting older. Car batteries, typically, will show their age under extreme weather conditions either really cold or really hot weather.
Just because you can’t start your vehicle on your own doesn’t mean it can’t be started with jumper cables. This service is typically called a boost or a jumpstart when it comes to your roadside assistance provider.

Like all batteries, your car battery can run out or run low on power so it may not have enough to start your car when you need it to. A driver will come out to your location to help you get your car started. While some people will carry a set of jumper cables in their trunk for emergencies, it’s important to call an experienced tow truck professional to help you out with getting your car started. If the cables aren’t hooked up properly, to either the donor or recipient car, then there could be electrical damage done to one or both vehicles that could be really expensive to fix or may be impossible to repair.

Battery Boost

Car Jumpstart & Battery Boost

JumpStart and Battery Boost
Once your car has been started it’s important to take this time to make an appointment with your mechanic. Cars that struggle to start, or don’t start at all, may have a battery that is at the end of its life so it might be time to replace it. Bring your car into your trusted mechanic to talk about purchasing a new battery so that you can trust your vehicle will start no matter what the weather is.

There may be a chance that even the driver that comes out to you cannot get your vehicle started because the battery might be completely gone. If that happens, we do offer a service to completely replace the battery of your car. If this situation does happen, and the driver determines they cannot boost your vehicle, they will discuss the options with you to determine what you can do. They also might determine your car needs to be towed to a garage if the battery isn’t the cause as to why it won’t start. Our drivers will discuss everything with you on site before any work is done or additional services are performed.

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