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Safest Neighbourhoods In Etobicoke

One of the many things that are important for a good and successful living is finding a good place to stay and not just any place. There are certain unsaid requirements that go hand-in-hand with finding a place to live in for you or your family. One of the criteria that need to be fulfilled by the neighbourhoods that you wish to live in is safety. Finding a safe space to live in isn’t that easy in today’s day and age, given the increase in crime rates which make it all the more difficult. So to help you ease your worries, we brought to you the safest neighbourhoods to reside in Etobicoke. If you are looking for a place here, look no further because you have found your place.


Did You Know?

Etobicoke gets its name from trees. The silent “K” in the name is derived from the Ojibwe word “wadoopikaang” which is a reference to a place where alder trees grew. Over time, the word got anglicized to “Atobecoake” and finally to modern-day Etobicoke.

Why Is Etobicoke The Ideal Place To Settle?


Before looking at the safest neighbourhoods in Etobicoke, let’s first look at why you should choose to live in Etobicoke in the first place. Confused about whether to choose the convenience of city life or the peaceful living of the suburbs? Well, you don’t have to choose anymore because Etobicoke is the epitome of perfection. It combines the best of both worlds and brings to you a peaceful, safe and convenient place to live in.


People from diverse backgrounds reside in this area and they have found this place to be a very tolerable neighbourhood. Etobicoke has been on the rise in its popularity but the population density is still very scarce. This is a piece of good news, as there are many open spaces that are in need of being filled out. Currently, there are about 365000 people residing in this area. The place is filled with greenery and lush areas so there is no limitation in parks and open spaces.


You can also get easy accessibility to many places for shopping as you can get your hands on some of the best items. It also makes your travels hassle-free as you can easily reach highways and expressways from this place. Decked up with good schools, restaurants, and much more, this is really the ideal place to be.


Etobicoke’s Safest Neighborhoods

The Kingsway


The list for the safest neighbourhood should rightly be started with The Kingsway. With a population of 9,271, this place is certainly far from being crowded. As the Humber river flows by its sides, The Kingsway gives away a freshness in nature for all of you who want to experience it first hand. The houses in this locality are stately and the streets are impeccably lined with trees. It emanates the premium atmosphere that every house deserves. It houses one of the most affluent communities in the entire Etobicoke region. You can expect houses to be aloof rather than conjoined with lots that are landscaped in a perfect way as many established families have made this place their homes. With such a lovely place and community, the crime rate is the last thing that you will think of once you visit The Kingsway.


Mimico-Humber Bay


Named after the Humber River, this place is the ultimate choice for young families and is a very popular hub. The reason behind this is that Mimico provides a top-notch view with amazing living facilities like condos. Not only this, but it has easier accessibility than most places. There are three waterfront parks in this area along with some great restaurants for you to kick back and enjoy your weekend. This place is a top choice for many people as it easily connects them to two major roads as well as the GO transit service from Mimico Station to Union. Even though you might find some old homes that are detached from most of it, this neighbourhood is mostly up-and-coming as there are new condo developments going on along Lake Shore Boulevard. This makes room for you to enjoy some kickass views of the lake from the comforts of your homes. It all sounds too dreamy so you should visit and check out this neighbourhood to know that it’s all real!


Edenbridge-Humber Valley


As amazing and picturesque as the name sounds, the actual place is just the same. An upper-middle-class neighbourhood, this place is the perfect home for families and couples and is very popular due to its location near the Humber River There are a total of four parks in the area which provides a very good place for the kids including- James Gardens, Lambton Woods Park, Buttonwood Park, and Humber Valley Park. This place also has two golf courses namely the Country ClubHumber River and the St George’s & Lambton Golf. The houses built in these premises are old and aloof as those were built before the year 1980. But they are not rented spaces as most of them are owned. With an old and established background such as this, it’s pretty tame and safe.

Long Branch 


Living in Long Branch is the dream for many with its ideal location and habitat that places out along the shores of Ontario Lake. It is a still progressing neighbourhood that is doing so very rapidly and diligently. Long Branch features TTC and GO transit options, waterfront parks, and trails as well as amenities like libraries that are a boon to families. It is also known as the shopping district due to its range. How amazing is that?! There are major developments that are going on around this neighbourhood which is close to Lake Shore Boulevard with new condos and homes being built constantly. Not only this, but the neighbourhood also has some single-family bungalows and large houses that are detached with big and spacious lots. It also houses the very popular Minto Longbranch townhome community that looks after the well-being and safety of the neighbourhood. So it might be time for you to pay a visit to this incredible place.


Islington-City Centre West


The neighbourhood in Islington-City Centre West is just brilliant and the best. It is located right in the center of Etobicoke which makes it all the more ideal. This might give you all the convenience that you might have been looking for as it maintains a balance between both the commercial and residential developments that have been taking place in this area. It is one of the epicentres for shopping, so for the shopaholic in you, this is the perfect place. With shopping places comprising Sherway Gardens, IKEA, Cloverdale Mall, and other big box stores you have a range of items to select from all within your budget. These are all surrounded by a mixture of both types of homes including new condos and traditional homes that are detached from the rest. It truly is among the safest places to live in such homely environments.




Another great find in the list of safest neighbourhoods in Etobicoke is Princess-Rosethorn. This place is the suburban dream for many, quite literally. The most peaceful suburb in the area, Princess-Rosethorn is adored by many. It is a very popular space for young families and retired old people to kick back and relax. It comes with access to many places too like parks and golf courses for your weekend getaways. There are many good schools in the area for your children and easily available shops equipped with all the necessities. The homes in this area are split-level mostly. They also have bungalows with spacious lots as well as real estate in the southern area which are much larger.


Markland Wood


Last but not least on the list is Markland Wood which was named after the Markland Golf Club which is situated on the western border. With greenery all around this place has easy access to Highway 427 to the east. With a well-built community that looks after each other, you’ll never be bored on your own with year-round local events that take place.  With houses built in the 60s and streets lined with old trees, this neighbourhood is no doubt one of the safest.



There are many safe places in the neighbourhood of Etobicoke which makes living a much entertaining choice for people. With friendships in communities and easy access to roads, schools, and shops, these choices that made their way to the list are definitely considerable.

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